Kevin de Groote

Enabling creative ideas,
now on the web

I thrive on bringing new ideas to life, understanding complex issues and progressing them with realistic solutions.

In the early years of my career I chose to apply these skills to future technologies in space, especially rockets. I worked for both the French and European space agencies in French Guiana, Paris and The Netherlands, following my studies at Southampton and Toulouse.

But then I took a conscious turn away from pushing humanity's limits forwards, instead focussing on how to support those left behind.

To head towards this aim, I've had to start via a detour so I can ensure the stability of the longer path. Thus I've thrown myself into developing my own endeavours on the web, where investing in feasible ideas can bring longer-term rewards. My first project remains the flagship, one of a handful of online word cloud generators attracting thousands of visitors daily.

Over the years it's been necessary to spend much time freelancing with several clients (including many larger projects which remain unreachable behind intranet firewalls). However as time ticks on, I'm becoming fortunate and more capable of self-sustenance.

My life has since brought me to Antwerp, Belgium, from where I enjoy cooking, spending time with those I'm close to, and travelling to see those I've known and discover new ideas elsewhere.

And so my story continues, as of yet unknown it shall be a journey of discovery for myself and those around me. I hope yours is a great one too.